This page could be much worse... I could have pictures of all of my dogs /and/ the cats /and/ the cockatiels.  Count your blessings...

Fred and Beau.  Late Spring, 1995. Fred is the white dog

Fred and Wilma

Fred is purebred Brittany.  There have been days that I wished I had taken that offer of $800 for him.  He can be SO bullheaded! 
Wilma is Chow/German Shepherd.  Both of Wilma's parents are AKC registered and each have many trophies from dog shows.  I guess that makes her a "pure bred half-breed"! 
Sometimes you get lucky and you get a great dog.  I have two at the same time.  I wouldn't trade either for anything.
The Wonderful Wilma The Ferocious Fred
Wilma was 3 years old on December 5th when this picture was made.  Fred was 5.  Now, in December '02, Wilma just turned 7.  She looks the same, Fred is going gray.  Anyway, when Wilma was one, in heat, five minutes of inattention caused puppies.  Cute puppies though!

The Dynamic Dino Dawg!

He was born February 24, 1997.  It was about 5:30am in my bedroom.  On July 7, he weighed 40 pounds.  By December 14th, he weighed 60 pounds.  He looks like your average junk-yard dog.  I don't know why the puppies didn't look like Fred or Wilma.