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emu oil

Oil is packaged in translucent plastic bottles.  What do you do with the stuff?

emu eggs

Used for crafts or simply displayed, this unique egg has a dark green outer shell, a turquoise middle layer, and a white inner layer.  An excellent egg to etch on to bring out the different colors.  Each egg has one small hole on the bottom of the egg.  Eggs are drained, well rinsed, disinfected with bleach, and rinsed again.  All hens are different eggs so there is some variation in shape, texture, and size.  Postage is via Priority Class Mail.

If you would like more than 4, $4 each plus actual shipping costs.

emu feathers

An assortment of feathers.  A friend uses the feathers for crafts like kitty toys, earrings, and dreamweavers.  I have read they are good for making fly fishing lures and dusting furniture.  They look nice when an emu egg is used as a "vase".

emu cookbook

This is the American Emu Association cookbook.  It's almost 200 pages of easy to make good eatin' recipes including appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes, vegetables, breads, deserts, beverages and more.  The recipes came from emu ranchers across the USA.  Along with an introduction by Louisiana Chef Dale Bourgeois (never heard of him, myself) about the merits of cooking with this low-cholesterol red meat, there is also nutritional information comparing emu meat to beef, ostrich, turkey, etc.   No emu in your local shop for the meat dishes?  There are several pages of emu product distributors in the back of the book.  Or use chicken, beef, or pork.  It's a pretty good cookbook.  Soft cover, plastic spiral binding.  Postage is via Media Rate.  I have a picture of the cover here

pez christmas ornaments

A set of three containing replicas of the Angel, Santa A, and Santa B.  Very nice!  You can see two pictures here.  Sold out!

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