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[The Banyan Tree] The Banyan Tree [The Banyan Tree]

Real funny stuff:
Dogs in Elk.
The Law According To Bean

I worked a few months on an .ini file for mIRC that will do just about everything.  mIRC was updated and a few parts seem to have broken.  The ini is here for the taking in a self-extracting zip file, 109kb in size.  There are a few wavs included for the fun of it.  Click HERE to download it.  Any feedback would be appreciated.   Enjoy!
Get mIRC here!
I "borrowed" this from somewhere and liked it enough to make a local copy. Pasta!   It covers Shaped Pasta, Tubular Pasta, Strand Pasta Noodles, Ribbon Pasta Noodles, Soup Pasta, Stuffed Pasta, Asian Noodles.

Youngblood's Rock & Roll Heaven Dee's Place. Awesome. Check it out!!

Rock & Roll Heaven - Dee's Place -

My vacation in Tampa.  A Spooncon.
A vacation in Loomis.  A Banyanarama.