Here are a few pictures from the Tampa

Spoon Vacation

Go get a cup of coffee because this page will take a while to download on dial-up.  Explorer counts 383kb of pictures...   I could have made the pictures smaller but what would you see then?   Blurs.   (I still have a lot to learn.)

Dan being cute and looking ultra-cool.

Dan does not normally stand around looking like this.

In the airport

My first view of Tampa, Florida.
Can you imagine getting off an airplane and seeing folks that looked like this?  And they don't care -who- is staring.

  Oh, it gets better...  there was the chorus of "Wooh Hoo!   Do you see that cute butt?!"

Did I say you could take my picture?!

Maria, aka Zelda, showed us how to stick a spoon onto your nose if you don't have chewing gum.

Ach!   Look vhat I can doo!

See dahlinks?  Valla!!

See my new earrings?  Sachet made them!

Pam styles her new earrings.
Yes, they are made with xmas light bulbs.  Real cool!
  I think she wore the emu feathers in her hair for the rest of the week end.

Russ, Maria, Tom, Carla, Pam, Paul, Dan and Sachet.

Here we are at T.G.I.Fridays. 
From left to right: Russ, Maria, Tom, Carla, Pam, Paul, Dan and Sachet.

Dan, Sachet, Jon, Jackie, Russ, Maria, Tom and Pam.

Once again....  from the other end of the table.  Dan, Sachet, Jon, Jackie, Russ, Maria, Tom and Pam. 
Doris, Jon's wife is running the camera.

We ate a LOT!

Here we are at Shell's, a seafood joint (good food!).  Bobby is at the far end of the table.

We laughed a LOT!

Same place, different camera.

In the lobby of the hotel

In the lobby of the hotel

Having a great time at Dan's house!

Lots of laughing at Dan's house.

zee spies!

We take pictures of each other.

At the beach...

A little later we saw a really nice sunset.

Drinking buddies

Tom and Maria on the beach.

Deviled emu eggs

I boiled them in Texas.  Dan deviled them in Florida.

I am Iguana!I am hungry!

The iguana belongs to Dan's daughter, Erin.  His name is Freddie Wolfegang and he loves hibiscus flowers.

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