horns Longhorns horns

Meet Sir Loin and Chuck. They were born in May 1998.  The donkey is about 15 feet behind.  At the time he was about a foot taller than the longhorns.  Now?  A year later (March 2000) they are about 3 inches taller than the donkey.  Their horn tips are about 8 inches past than their ears.  The first picture was snapped in February.  The second in March.  The names have changed and they have almost become pets, as much as cattle can, I suppose.  Big pets that like to run fast at you!

I'll add new pictures in time.  Really.

Two calves and a donkey March 98, eating hay

As Rug (on the right) helps Red look for his contact lens, can you tell I now have a digital camera?  No more scanning Polaroids!


Next is a nice picture Bobby snapped of Red.  June 2001.

Red and an emu.