Uses for emu oil

I use emu oil for burns, bug bites, and chapped lips.  How do I know it works, as opposed to just being oil?  I use a wood burning stove to heat the house and being a klutz, I burn myself a few times a year.  A nice 2 to 3 inch line across the forearm.  They usually scab and peel and hurt.  I ran a test last winter on one of my usual burns.  I dabbed emu oil on the left half of the burn, Wesson corn oil on the other half, and repeated twice a day for about a week.  Being a klutz, about the time it healed I burned the same arm about a quarter inch away.  So I did the emu and Wesson oil experiment again but with Wesson on the left.  Results?  Compared to emu oil, the Wesson end took a few extra days to heal (still quicker than using nothing), even better, the end with emu oil didn't hurt as much or scar.

Emu oil is good for sunburn.  Just a little bit in one palm, rub your hands together and then rub where you can reach on your shoulders and back.  The "burn" stops and I don't peel as much.  Your results may vary, I tan easily.

I make emu oil and I use it.  It's good stuff.  My shop is here.  The rest of this page is testimonials from other folks.

Marty sent a note the other day...

  Was thinking of you in the kindest terms the other night when I almost fried my thumb and forefinger on a set of metal cooking tongs carelessly laid against a stove burner I didn't realize was still going.
  After extracting my hand from the freezer I immediately headed for the Emu juice you'd sent (I always keep one bottle in the fridge, and the other next to the stove). We're talking REAL PAIN here! I slathered the stuff on and rubbed it in the best I could, and WITHIN FOUR AND A HALF MINUTES by my stop-watch those horrendous sensations just disappeared! COMPLETELY! The fingers had blisters and a couple of char-marks, but the pain just faded away!
  Tell the Emus I love them!

The following is a compilation of testimonials posted to the ratite e-mail list in 1996.  Addresses and most names have been removed.