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Most of the links on this page are about emu.  Some are about ostrich and/or rhea.  Cassowary and kiwi links are coming soon. That's my plan anyway... all I have to do is find the stuff again since my drive crash.  :)  It's here "somewhere".

My goal for this page is to have links to sites that have some "educational content" as opposed to sites that do nothing but "sell stuff".  Without being paid, I'm not very interested in providing a link for a site with nothing but products for sale.   I started this site because I like emu.  Some of the sites listed here do sell emu products and that's a good thing because the products available from this bird are great.  I guess another way to put it is:  I have this page so folks can learn about birds.  That was the original reason for this whole site and I figure that's why you are here. (Hmm, that sounds rather stuffy.  Oh well.)  With all that said, if you want to suggest a site or swap links, let me know.  If you hit a "bad" link, tell me.  I'll promptly update.

Click here to visit the American Emu Association Click here to visit the Texas Emu Association

AgView is a search tool for resources related to Agriculture.

American Ostrich Association

Davis World Wide Emu Page

Emu Oil Institute  Interesting site.  Lots of information.

Encore plus de liens!-Ratites  Much of this site is also in English.

New Brunswick Emu Association  Or Homestead Emu Farms Ltd.?

Ostriches On Line

Per Aspera Emus Home Page  See an emu giving rides!

Walkabout Acres Chicks is an interesting farm in Canada.  Nice pictures!

Vinegar Etched Emu Eggs  This is just neat.

Larger Emu is a good page of information at the University of Michigan.

Here are some nice Emu and Cassowary  pictures.

Emu's Zine is an on-line magazine.