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Welcome to Youngblood's Rock & Roll Heaven, an emotional and psychological sanctuary for the weary cosmic traveler.

Youngblood is a writer, research astrologer, amateur stargazer, internet surfer, and lap for the cat. She is the author of Durwood, The Dying Dragon and Dearest Hanna, both as-yet-unpublished bestsellers, and provides editorial services for freelance writers. In her position as a Wage Slave, she holds the dubious title of Space & Aviation Editor and Contributing Writer for the Houston Buzz, a weekly electronic newsletter. And circa 1986-87 she wrote for the now-defunct Night Scanner, providing a monthly educational astrology column and reviewing local rhythm & blues bands.

An avid collector of music, she is presently focusing on early blues and jazz ('30s-'50s) and traditional R&B. She maintains fresh strings on her 1926 Martin 000-18 guitar and also plays keyboards. Other passions include classic motorcycles, classic cars, and supporting The Artemis Project.

With the assistance of the finest cadre of secret agents who ever dialed a shoephone, Youngblood also functions as Rock & Roll Heaven's Mission Control. Some of her best friends are rocket scientists and unruly writers. In a former life she was a roadie for a rhythm & blues band. And she enjoys a greasy Spoon as much as the next gal.

In the real world, Youngblood dedicates much of her life to building spaceships. She may be found in Webster, just a mile west of the Johnson Space Center on the Gulf Coast of Texas, sojourning with cats Harmony and Bandon, Apollo the Wonder Mac, and various creatures of the forest.

And occasionally, if conditions are just right, she can be heard late at night howling at the moon.

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Semper Fi.

Omnia vincit amor.

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