EMU F.A.Q. June 8, 1996

Frequently Asked Questions regarding EMU Ranching (V0.99b) preview issue for comment).

  1. PREFACE: The following questions and answers have been respectfully prepared for the ratite ranching community by F. W. "Bill" Dingley. The information presented is not to be construed as necessarily authoritative nor is it purporting to be the "best available technology" at the time you read it. It is a compilation of opinions and comments from dozens of active EMU Ranchers most of whom can be reached on the INTERNET. With the publication of v0.99 I will maintain authorship of this document and subsequent issues until formally releasing it in a later revision. The materials contained herein may be copied and distributed freely with the provision the document is not changed except to allow for its use as an interactive document on the World Wide Web, or compressed for speedier electronic transmission. If you have suggestions for additions, corrections, deletions or any other form of comment, please contact me at one of the following addresses: Bill Dingley PO Box 894 Mont Belvieu, Texas 77580-0894 bill.dingley@psl-online.com

What is an EMU?

Why are EMU becoming popular as livestock?

How much land does it take to raise a pair of EMU?

What do EMU eat and how much of it?

How many eggs does a female lay per year?

What is involved in incubation of the eggs?

Can you tell when an egg is fertile?

What type of shelters do I need for the Emus?

I've never raised any livestock before, tell me about basic animal husbandry requirements.

How can I find out more about this industry?